Podcast: Ep. #125 – How to Create More Energy In Your Life
How to create more energy in your life


How many times have you told yourself that you would love to do something, but you just ‘don’t have the energy’? Maybe you’re wanting to lose weight, write a book, or freshen up your relationship with your romantic parter, but you just don’t feel like you have anything left to give. I’ve heard this from so many people, and I used to feel like this myself, but I learned to direct my energy in a different way, and it’s been a life changer for me!

Through some consistent, healthy habits, I now know how to create the energy I need in my life. While I do love my coffee, and it will always be a part of my morning ritual, I’ve created energy in my life in other ways; I want to show you how you can too!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into 3 ways you can protect your energy, which are:

  • Track where your energy is going (just like with your money and a budget, you have to know where your energy is being spent). Are you spending it gossiping or venting about someone at work, or chasing your kids and taking them from one practice to another?
  • Decide what you would do if you had unlimited energy. It’s not going to do you any good to increase your energy if what you’re doing isn’t enjoyable to you, or something you want to keep doing. You need to think about what you would want to create with that energy, what your life could look like, and what problems you could solve.
  • Only say ‘yes’ to what serves you and your goals. Do you have the energy to go to dinner with your friends, to run extra errands for a family member, or to take on that speaking gig? If not, it really shouldn’t be a ‘yes’, and you really have to recognize what your priorities are

I also talk more about how learning to say ‘no’ to things that aren’t serving you, and are depleting your energy, as well as how you can reallocate some of your energy and begin working on one thing that will take you closer to your dreams.

It really is vital to learn how to say ‘no’ to things that aren’t serving you, and are depleting your energy. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to put your nose to the grindstone and work yourself to death once you are creating more energy-there needs to be a happy medium for sure! I’ve found that I love being around people, and I need people in my life on a regular basis. However, I’ll start making plans with multiple different friends, and before I know it, I’m having coffee with one friend, meeting another friend for dinner, and still another one for lunch-all in the same week! I have to find a way to strategically place these events throughout my month so I’m not constantly draining my energy, and I’m still giving myself plenty of time and energy to put into myself and my businesses.

I want to remind you that you also don’t have to answer your phone, or a text message, right when it goes off. We become so dependent on our phones, and we think we have to stop everything when we hear a ‘ring’ go off, but we actually don’t. We don’t have to volunteer, or sign up for every thing that we are interested in helping with, or think we ‘need’ to do (I struggle with this for sure!) No, we don’t have to give away our energy in this way.

If you started reallocating your energy toward one thing for a little bit every day for an entire year, you would have intentionally spent 365 moments working on your dream-how amazing is that?! If you’re not intentionally making time, you’re actually having 365 missed opportunities.

I know it’s easy to get tired, and drained, and we just don’t feel like we have anything else to give. This happens to so many of us, so I actually put together my free guide ‘5 strategies to boost your energy’ (you can find it on my website, and the link is shared below too). I promise-once you start directing your energy toward your dreams and goals, your energy will change, and you’ll start having more fun in your life!

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