Podcast: Ep. #113 – How to Shift Our Thoughts When It Comes to Comparison
How to shift our thoughts when it comes to comparison


Do you get caught up in the comparison trap? You may look at someone you see often on social media, and you envy what she has-her house, her car, her relationship, her body, etc. Without even realizing it, you’ve put her up on a pedestal, and you beat yourself up for not being like her, or having everything she has. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone-I’ve definitely been guilty of this too!

None of us have been through the same journey, or the same experiences; we’re all just doing the best we can with what we have. We fail to recognize this when we’re checking out what someone else has and where they are. My friends-when you put other people on a pedestal, I promise you they will fall off eventually. They will crash, and you will see that they have something that is not going right. They have past trauma that they’re dealing with. Just like you, whatever it is, they WILL have a hot mess moment.

In today’s episode, I cover:

  • Why comparing ourselves to others takes away from our own self-love, and all that we’ve done
  • My own story of only wanting to share the ‘good’ parts of a previous relationship
  • How we can learn to stop comparing and instead, be inspired to create better habits for our own lives

Whether it’s with a health and fitness journey, financial journey, romantic relationship, or something else, we have to remember we’re not seeing the full picture, or the hot mess moments. I promise-everyone has them, even if we don’t think they happen! When you see this happen to someone you truly admire, I want you to think about what you can learn from the way she handles it, and what can you implement in your own life to do the same.

It’s so easy to fall into the comparison trap when we’re constantly seeing what others are doing around us-especially in the online world. Remember though-you’re more than likely only seeing the ‘highlight reel’, aka the best parts of other people’s lives. Let those people give you hope, and start thinking about a shift you can make to better your life for today, and for the future.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

  • Are you ready for a life coach? If so, connect with me at The Heart of Confidence. I want to help you break free from the cage of your limiting beliefs!
  • Connect with me over on Instagram so we can continue this conversation!
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