Connecting with Your Partner
Connecting with your partner


The theme of ‘connection’ I’ve been doing is so important to me, and the topic I’m sharing about today is no different. Connecting with your partner is needed now, more than ever-especially with the huge disconnect we’re experiencing from real people in our society. We need to bring that connection back into our hearts, our homes, our conversations, and our bodies. We have to get reconnected and really ‘plugged’ back in (without relying on technology of course).

If you truly want to be with your partner and you’re willing to put in the work, you have to understand the evolution of a relationship, and recognize where you are in your relationship. I’m excited to dive more into all of this, and what it looks like to connect with your partner on a deeper level.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about:

  • The different stages your relationship goes through over time. Think of when you first met, your first dates, your deep connection that was being built, and when you really knew this was the person you wanted to be with.
  • What it can look like for you to push your partner out and drift apart (especially with kids in the mix), even if you don’t mean to
  • How you can reconnect with your partner if you’re feeling totally disconnected. You’re going to have to actually talk to them, and let them know how you’re feeling, where you’re coming from, etc. It’s important to tell them that you’ve been feeling really disconnected, and what you would like to do going forward. You shouldn’t be showing up and blaming them, and telling them what they’ve been doing wrong though, because that’s not going to help anything.
  • Getting really honest with yourself about how YOU’RE showing up in your relationship. I want you to really think about how you are in your relationship-are you being someone you would want to be in a relationship with? You may be trying to ‘parent’ or control your partner, instead of being an equal in the relationship, and it’s really easy to get stuck in this place, and not want to change anything.

Connecting with your partner and letting them into your life more, even if they don’t fully understand everything you’re doing.

I recently shared something that I was super excited about with my partner, Brandon. While he didn’t quite understand it and even told me he thought it was kind of weird, he also told me that “I do weird really well”. We laughed about it and had a fun moment, but I also knew I didn’t need to be validated by him, or have his approval if I wanted to move forward with what I had going on. Not everything you’re doing has to completely align with your partner, or ‘be their vibe’. Just being more open and vulnerable with them, and bringing them in on the little things in your life will help to strengthen and build your connection over time.

You can’t be super tight and connected and have a great relationship with your partner if you’re trying to do it all alone, and you refuse to be vulnerable. Your partner is the one person you need to allow that vulnerability, and that true ‘you’, to come through.

This is the person you love and cherish; they’re here for a reason, and it’s important for you to let them know that. I want to encourage you to work on rebuilding and maintaining that deep connection with your partner so you both feel fully supported and fulfilled in your relationship!

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