Podcast-Ep. #102: How to Create Meaningful Relationships
How to create meaningful relationships


Jay Shetty once said “relationships are at the core of our experience of life.” I couldn’t agree more, because we absolutely need deep, meaningful relationships in our lives! We can’t assign all of our needs to one person, and expect them to be our “everything” (like our significant other, best friend, child, etc.).

In today’s episode, I’m covering:

  • Why we need more than one person to have meaningful relationships with
  • How to let people know they matter to us
  • How we can help everyone feel they’re invited
  • Learning how to ask deep questions and be truly interested in the other person’s response
  • Why having only a few meaningful relationships is ideal
  • When it’s okay to let go of relationships we’ve been fighting for
  • Why meeting new people can actually be fun and enjoyable

Now, more than ever, cultivating and creating fulfilling relationships are vital for all of us. Don’t be afraid to listen, and truly connect with others.

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