Podcast-Ep. #100: How to Change Up Your Style and Bring More Joy Into Your Life
How to change up your style and bring more joy into your life


Do you struggle to find joy in the little things? Now more than ever, we need joy and positivity in our lives-I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way!

A simple and fun way to bring more joy into your life is to switch up your style. I recently caught my reflection in the mirror, and I was wearing quite the variety of styles. I had to laugh (and snap a picture to share on social media), but I realized-this is ME, and my energy levels are higher because I’m proud of who I am!

In today’s episode, I’m covering: 

  • How to generate more joy from the little things in life
  • Ways you can mix and mesh your current wardrobe to create a style that is authentically you
  • Learning how to dress to raise your overall mood and energy levels 
  • Realizing you can rock your own unique style, and not blend into the crowd
  • Splurging on some fun, new items for your wardrobe, and not feeling guilty about doing so

Life is too short to be unhappy; don’t be afraid to be creative, and do something fun with your style!

Today is also a BIG day for the FHM podcast-I’m celebrating my 100th episode, and doing a fun giveaway! 

To celebrate my 100th episode, I’m giving away a free bag of my favorite Positive Vibe Coffee!

To enter this giveaway, make sure to:

  1. Leave a review for the FHM podcast
  2. Take a screenshot of the your review and send it to me on over on Instagram-@tonya.murray.coaching
  3. Share that you’re listening on your Instagram stories, and make sure to tag me!

This giveaway will go until Sunday, February 27th, so you have until then to enter!

  • Are you ready for a life coach? If so, connect with me at The Heart of Confidence. I want to help you break free from the cage of your limiting beliefs!
  • Connect with me over on Instagram so we can continue this conversation!
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