Connecting with Yourself
Connecting with yourself


You probably know by now I love to really step back and observe every situation and everything going on in life, from a detached place. I actually teach this kind of practice in my mini-course, The Hot Mess Method, in order to create lasting change in your life, and I’ve been doing a lot more of it recently; it’s something that is really near and dear to my heart.

I’ve been in situations lately where I’ve been around a lot of people due to traveling. I spent time in airports and restaurants, and I’ve just had the opportunity to witness people. I’ve also done this online recently as well. I’ve been reading through comments on posts and I’m seeing the negative comments, the lashing out, attacks, and all kinds of crap.

The common theme is disconnect with humanity, which is why connecting with yourself is important, now than ever.

When you think about connection, there really are so many branches off of that word alone. Connection can be with a spouse, kids, or extended family. It can be with your job, or your purpose. It can be even be a connecting flight.

I mean..think about all of the meanings this word has, and how it can mean different things for different people. I believe this is an important topic, and I’m actually planning to do a series of podcast episodes on connection. It’s just tough seeing how disconnected people have come over the last few years as a society. We’re continuing to see the consequences of the disconnect that’s been happening, again and again.

I keep picking up the common theme of ‘disconnect’ with humanity. Fear and hate seem to be spreading all over, and it all stems from us being disconnected. This is something I want to dive into more on this episode, and specifically, I want to focus on connecting with yourself. After all..this has to start with you.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about:

  • Why you have to be connected with and taking care of yourself in order to take care of those around you. If you are doing this, nothing in life can knock you down for long (it’s like the domino effect!)
  • Taking some time to really think about (and write out) where you are connected with yourself, and where you are disconnected
  • How easily you can pick up and consume thoughts and values from other people if you aren’t fully connected with yourself 

Connecting with yourself instead of consuming your information and values from others.

For example, you may be connected with your physical health (fitness and nutrition), but where else are you disconnected? Maybe it’s your values, and what you are consuming from other people. You don’t need other people to tell you how to raise your children, what your priorities should be, or what appropriate behavior is. The news media is actually pretty phenomenal at telling you what to do, and what you’re supposed to think. I even had a guy on a date try to convince me to leave my kids and move to Australia with him-who does that?!

Whether it’s the news, mentors or gurus, or anyone else in your life, the bottom line is, you know what’s best for you. When you’re fully connected with yourself and you know what you believe in, nothing else will matter.

The best thing you can do is to get connected with who you are and what your values are-not what everyone else is telling you. When you take the time to really dig deep and become aware of where you’re connected and disconnected with yourself, you have the knowledge you need. You now know what you need to do moving forward, which is powerful!

I can’t wait to hear how everything else begins to change in your life once you do this, because I promise you, it will!

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

  • Are you ready for a life coach? If so, connect with me at The Heart of Confidence. I want to help you break free from the cage of your limiting beliefs!
  • Connect with me over on Instagram so we can continue this conversation!
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