Podcast: Ep. #119 – How to Get Back in Touch with Your Intuition
How to get back in touch with your intuition


Do you tend to ignore that little voice that’s speaking to you when you’re going through hot mess moments? Whether you want to call it your intuition, your heart, your gut, your higher self, or something else, it’s there for a reason. Unfortunately, we like to tune it out and don’t think it matters (been there, done that), but over time, we can lose touch with it all together. I’ve learned how important it is to listen to my intuition, and I want you to get back to that place too!

Time after time after time, when I talk with other women, I find out how many times something in their life told them that this was a bad idea, that this was not a good situation, that this wasn’t right, etc., but they did it anyway. They felt the pressure. It was people pleasing, and all that stuff became higher priority, and higher authority than their own inner knowing. I’ve experienced this in my own life multiple times as well, and it always led to more stress and hot mess moments!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about:

  • Why you need to start thinking of your intuition like your best friend
  • How you actually can get back in touch with your intuition if you feel like you’ve lost it, and aren’t “hearing” it anymore
  • My own real-life stories of not listening to my intuition, and what happened when I didn’t, as well as what happened when I did listen to my intuition

One of the first times I “shushed” my intuition was when I was about to marry my ex-husband. We got married right out of high school, and it eventually led to a divorce. I didn’t tell anyone for the longest time that I felt like I shouldn’t go through with it, because it was a really raw moment for me, and ended up being kind of a nightmare. I also kept putting off starting a podcast; I was excited to do so, I would think about it, and then I would forget about it, and it didn’t happen for the longest time. It wasn’t until my 12-year-old son (at the time) had a school assignment to learn how to start and publish a podcast, and I seriously laughed out loud! I knew that was my sign that my podcast NEEDED to happen.

A real-life example where I DID follow through after listening to my intuition was creating a dog program at the facility where I worked in my previous job. The dog would be there to help kids when they had to go to court, be in on interviews with people and families, etc. I had a certain vision of what I wanted our dog program to look like, and eventually, I was able to bring that exact program to our facility. Everything worked out in perfect timing, and just like it was supposed to; I felt like it was almost effortless, and I just had to go with it. That’s what I call “flow”, and it’s how I feel when everything is working out in my life, and moving along like it should be.

Once we start listening to our intuition again and follow those little “nudges” we keep receiving, things will just naturally start to fall into place. Of course, this doesn’t mean we won’t ever face any obstacles, or everything will be easy from here on out (if only, right?!) However, I’ve noticed that the more I tune into my intuition, the more ‘flow’ I have, and I’m not experiencing as much inner chaos. I know this can happen for you as you continue to build the relationship with your intuition, and I’m excited to see where it takes you!

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