Podcast: Ep. #103-The Importance of Clearing the Clutter in Your Life


Does the extra clutter in your life leave you feeling stressed out and disorganized? If you struggle with clutter and chaos, you’re not alone, but there can be a better way.

I’ve learned that when I put pen to paper and practice journaling regularly, I’m able to free up all of the thoughts in my head! However, that also leads me to having excess paper and boxes everywhere. Clearing out and organizing everything has not only been necessary for me, but also beneficial physically, energetically, and spiritually.

In today’s episode, I’m covering:

  • How clearing out the clutter in your life can lead you to feeling inspired and rejuvenated
  • My new recycling service (and how it’s gotten me excited to go through excess stuff at home and my office)
  • How deep cleaning and removing items from a room in my home led me to feeling much more relaxed and at peace in that space
  • The benefits of organizing and eliminating things from your life that don’t positively serve anymore

Whether it’s a space in your home, your car, pictures on your phone, or the bajillion emails in your inbox, decluttering will allow you to free up more space in your life. You’ll feel re-energized, and be able to welcome in new and creative ideas!

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