Podcast-Ep. #101: The Power of Creating Positive Change and Learning to be Flexible


Are you unwilling to be flexible in certain areas of your life? Change can be difficult for all of us! It’s easy to get set in your beliefs, and think it has to be “your way or the highway”.

When it comes to our beliefs around money, health and wellness, relationships, etc., we shouldn’t be afraid to try new approaches. We don’t HAVE to always do or think a certain way, just because that’s all we’ve known. Learning to be flexible allows you to bring more wellness into your life!

In today’s episode, I’m covering: 

  • How you can be open to new ideas and perspectives
  • Why our values don’t have to change, but can grow with us
  • Why staying super rigid can hinder your progress
  • How you can allow your “how” to be flexible in important aspects of your life
  • How learning to be more flexible and getting clear on your values can lead to a life you love

Ultimately, getting crystal clear on your values and beliefs will determine if they’re holding you back, or helping you to be your best possible self.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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